Changing the world one sip at a time…


Our company’s mission is based on being a responsible corporate citizen. We are very proud of our stance, and we pledge to make sure each member of our team supports this stance and acts according to its related values.

Being responsible means offering a top-quality product to consumers. To this end, the ingredients and vat cleansers we use, as well as all our facilities and production procedures benefit from the highest quality. These are winning conditions for a quality product and excellent taste!

We also commit to set up production procedures that use less drinking water and energy. Our results are analyzed yearly to make it possible for us to implement procedures that are likely to optimize our consumption.

Implication_01Purchasing locally is also a major concern for our business. We make sure to find local partners for our supply of raw materials and our production needs and logistics. Moreover, our production residues are recycled by local farmers as fodder for their livestock.

Our microbrewery is the first in Quebec to adopt benefit corporation standards. We believe that maintaining a healthy financial performance goes hand in hand with an equally informed social and environmental commitment

As a guarantee of our practices, we subscribe to the B Corp certification ( movement, which has established the highest standards in the field. This certification – as well as the judicious choice of 100% aluminum, 100% recyclable packaging – serves to show our customers the concrete nature of our commitment.

There are many reasons behind this decision. When it’s in a can, beer tastes better because it isn’t exposed to light and is more airtight than a bottle. Moreover, cans are more easily recycled, and producing them requires less raw materials. It’s also lighter and therefore produces less greenhouse gas during transportation. From a practical point of view, cans never break, can be transported easily during outdoor activities and chills faster. So the benefits are many!

Implication_02Social responsibility goes hand and hand with community involvement. We want to support such initiatives financially and in terms of logistics in our business sector. We target businesses that are vertically integrated with our operations and that use leading-edge technology that allow us to be more efficient from an environmental and operational point of view, for a strategic and fruitful partnership.

Taken together, these benefits show without question that the joy of drinking an excellent beer can also constitute an important environmental action. Join the movement and make a difference!